Advancing SDOH and Health Equity Data Interoperability: A Pulse Check on the Gravity Project

June 10, 2022

We launched the Gravity Project in May 2019, a time when social determinants of health (SDOH) had emerged as an important topic in the quest to address whole-person care. The ‘why’ for our work was presented in an EMI end-of-year reflection blog where we invited the community at large to join us in building the foundation needed to facilitate social care integration in health systems.

Since that time, the Gravity Project has made significant strides in SDOH data interoperability. The standards emerged while we bore witness to the COVID-19 pandemic and its disproportionate impact on vulnerable populations. COVID not only magnified the importance of our work but also illuminated the systemic health inequities persistent in the way we document, use, and act on an individual’s social needs data. Under this lens, addressing SDOH is increasingly recognized as an approach that can be used to improve equity and reduce disparities

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